The Cannabis Flower Crown Arrives Just in Time for Coachella

 - Mar 30, 2017
References: lowellsmokes & buzzfeed
Lowell Herb Co. has just debuted its latest marijuana-inspired creation, a cannabis flower crown which arrives just in time for the Coachella music festival. These are the same people who rolled out a marijuana bouquet not all that long ago. Now the flower crown looks like any other you'd see at a festival save for the marijuana that rings it. It's available as a free gift when medical marijuana patients purchase a $55 Coachella Blend pack from the Safe Access dispensary in Palm Springs, California. Lowell Herb Co. claims that the crown is a $60 value.

Of course the cannabis flower crown's biggest value is promotional. As more states legalize marijuana expect to see more atypical ways of distributing marijuana. Eventually it won't be enough to merely offer legal cannabis. Dispensaries and distributors will need to be creative to attract customers. Cannabis flower crowns and bouquets could just be the tip of the iceberg.