THEUNSEEN's Hair Dye Color Responds to Environmental Temperatures

 - Feb 20, 2017
References: seetheunseen & engadget
For years, men and women have had the chance to choose from permanent and semi-permanent hair dye colors, and now, THEUNSEEN is introducing a responsive color-changing hair dye that boasts the ability to respond to one's immediate environment.

'Fire' is a hair dye that's made with carbon-based molecules, which form a chemical reaction when exposed to temperature changes. As a result, stepping into a new environment is enough to cause the hair dye to produce an entirely new color. Currently, THEUNSEEN's Fire is being assessed before it can be purchased by consumers who are interested in having ever-changing hair colors.

Hair dye expert Lauren Bowker is also the creator of a color-changing jacket that changes based on the amount of heat, sound or air pollution that it detects in its immediate surroundings.