BuzzBox Helps Apiarists Track Their Colonies

 - Jul 14, 2017
References: kickstarter & digitaltrends
The global population of bees has been steadily decreasing for years now, and BuzzBox is a technological response that helps apiarists to fight back and keep their colonies alive and thriving. The system combines purpose-built hardware and software to keep track of beehives, controlling a wide array of factors and presenting those to beekeepers through an intuitive app interface.

Interestingly, the BuzzBox system monitors bee colonies not through a visual system, but through sound. The Hive Health Monitor was created by data scientists as a result of thorough analysis of thousands of hours of beehive audio, and it is able to asses the status of the bees in the vicinity through the sounds of their buzzing. Based on these assessments, apiarists can then control things like ambient temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure as necessary to keep the bee population stable. The hives themselves are Wi-Fi-enabled, so apiarists can control them directly through the app on their smartphones.