EkoFarmer Allows for Small-Scale Urban Farms to Grow Nearly Anywhere

 - Jun 26, 2017
References: exsilio.fi
Having access to freshly grown fruits and vegetables is a luxury provided to few, prompting the team at Exsilio Oy to design EkoFARMER -- a module that makes urban farms accessible to all.

A greater emphasis on sustainable living and urban development has created space for rooftop gardens to be grown -- an innovation with a high impact that requires complicated and elaborate supplies. EkoFarmer was designed to simplify this process and comes equipped with a 13-meter "farming module" that can be installed where there is water and electrical supply. A little bit of water and sunlight is all this project needs to host flourishing fruits and vegetables.

The company believes that anyone can benefit from this product, from community gardeners to scientific farmers, and even provides sustainable alternatives for the restaurant industry.