The Walls of This Home in Israel are Made Out of Hemp and Concrete

 - Jul 11, 2017
References: tavgroup & dezeen
'Tav Group' has built a sustainable house in Israel made with hempcrete walls.

Hempcrete is an ecologically friendly material made out of hemp hurds and lime. It is becoming a popular concrete substitute for those seeking eco-friendly building materials, but this is the first time hempcrete has been used on a building in Israel. Thick layers of earth-based plaster cover the hempcrete walls and rammed earth cover wooden frames. The heavy materials used in the building of this house help keep the home cool due to the increased thermal mass of the building.Throughout the building of this project only environmentally friendly, sustainable, locally sourced and natural materials were used.

Located in 'Eod Hod,' an artists village in Israel's Haifa District, the aim of this project was to build an 'archetype of sustainability.'