The 'Tempest' Can Deploy Hypersonic Missiles and Armies Of Drones

 - Jul 31, 2018
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The U.K.-based defense company BAE Systems has partnered up with the country's Ministry of Defence to unveil a futuristic fighter jet concept, dubbed the Tempest, which aims to offer a range of high-tech features designed to hand British forces and their allies an operational advantage in every battle situation.

The Tempest fighter jet concept is envisioned as a stealth fighter that will be able to deploy hypersonic missiles as well as swarms of drones that could carry out weapon engagement or reconnaissance missions. Elsewhere, the Tempest also has stand-alone communication systems that will allow it to be utilized as a mobile command and control center, rather than be controlled from ground stations at all times.

This fighter jet concept is not expected to come to reality until the year 2035, but is a prime example of BAE Systems constantly looking to the future to build defense solutions that incorporate the very latest technologies.