From Chromatic Neon Hotels to Dualistic Housing Concepts

 - Sep 4, 2018
These August 2018 architecture trends range from chromatic neon hotels to dualistic housing concepts. Standouts include architecture firm Snark's unique residence that is built with Japan's changing climate in mind while featuring a solarium space that is meant to double as an indoor garden.

Other favorites include Crystal Wagner's biometric art installations that boast a hybrid construction approach that marries recycled materials with traditional screen printing and painting techniques. Additionally, projects like Ilmiodesign's Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel reimagine a bright, 20s aesthetic for a modern audience and fuse modern furnishings and finishes with detailing that is nostalgic and charming.

More August 2018 architecture trends to note include The Museum Garage in Miami which boasts a sculptural exterior facade that is as visually striking as the vast collection of art it carries inside.