'Cerna Voda' is a Humble Chalet in the Krkonose Mountains

 - Jul 10, 2018
References: archdaily
When a building is located within the heart of a mountain range, matching that natural grandeur is a fool's errand, so ADR s.o., the architecture studio behind 'Cerna Voda', opted to move in the other direction entirely. The mountain lodge is humble and understated, letting its setting speak for it.

Cerna Voda is simple on the exterior. It has a traditional, gabled form, and it's covered with a black cladding. Though the black helps it to stand apart from the snow, the chalet still draws the eye far less than the towering mountains around it. On the exterior, the home is a cozy combination of wooden walls and an iron hearth for keeping warm during the winter nights.

Image Credit: BoysPlayNice