YUUA Architects & Associates Designed a Thin House in Toshima

 - Jul 10, 2018
References: archdaily
Japan has one of the largest national populations in the world, so space is a hot commodity on the East Asian island, and this home design from YUUA Architects & Associates shows the ingenuity that comes through when given such a restriction. The three-story townhouse comes in at just 1.8 meters wide, but that narrow frame doesn't detract from its general livability.

It would be easy for a home as narrow as this one to make its occupants feel claustrophobic, but YUUA Architects used smart design to eliminate that fear. The home has broad windows that run from the very top of the building down to the ground floor, creating a direct avenue for natural light while also making it feel far more open than it might otherwise.

Image Credit: Sobajim Toshihiro