- Sep 4, 2018
The August 2018 world trends explore a wide range of concepts from products that make outdoor experiences simpler to creatively designed currency. An example of this is the mock ONE hammock -- it can be folded up in a compact form making it portable and ideal for travel. It does not need to be bound by a tree foundation like traditional hammocks and comes with a series of accessories. The mock ONE comes with a net to protect users from bugs, a tarp to combat weather surprises, and quilts to provide warmth.

Another example is the Honey coin designed by Arthur Analts to honor the Latvian commitment to sustainability. The coin is now issued at the bank of Latvia officially as a five euro piece and it boasts design elements that nod to the honeycomb and its nation. There is a light outline of Latvia's geographic view and the Gulf of Riga along with engraved honeycomb accents.

From Compact Foldable Hammocks to Honeycomb-Shaped Coins: