This Medical Innovation Protects Those with Diabetes from Infection

 - Feb 3, 2018
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As those who suffer from diabetes are more vulnerable to bacterial infections caused by wounds on the skin, a group of Argentinian researchers have developed 3D bio-printed wound dressings to help the healing process and minimize the risk of infection.

The starting phase of the project focused on a solution for wounds on the legs and feet, which involved taking a 3D scan of the affected piece of a patient's skin. From there, the research team could generate a tailor-made design for the patient's skin. Additionally, an antibiotic is included in the wound dressing to further stave off the spread of potential bacterial infections.

The project from the Nanobiomaterials Laboratory in Buenos Aires’ Center for Research and Development in Industrial Fermentations (CINDEFI) was supported by CONICET, Argentina’s National Scientific and Technical Research Council.

Image Credit: Hartmann