Nutrition Can Now Be Better Controlled with This Tooth-Mounted Sensor

 - Apr 2, 2018
References: & digitaltrends
High-tech wearables are generally found on wrists and fingers, but engineers at Tufts University have just created a new tiny tooth-mounted sensor. The unique sensor seems like a fashion statement, and it may one day be, but in actuality, it serves as a wearable piece of tech that monitors a person's health. The sensor is able to monitor dietary habits and accurately relays data about sugar, salt and alcohol intake to the wearer's smartphone.

The tooth-mounted sensor works thanks to a biosensor sandwiched between layers of gold. The gold acts as an antenna of sorts, while the sensor tracks measurements from inside the mouth and records what was eaten and how the body responded. Unlike previous in-mouth wearables, the tooth-mounted sensor is less obtrusive, though it isn't fully inconspicuous as the gold is still quite visible.

Image Credit: SilkLab, Tufts University