This Bio-Inspired Robot Has Fins That Can Move In Opposing Directions

 - Jun 19, 2018
References: festo & newatlas
Germany-based engineering company Festo is not new to the world of bio-inspired robots, having previously unveiled bots inspired by bats and spiders, but its latest and greatest creation is truly unique in that it moves just like a cuttlefish.

Dubbed 'BionicFinWave,' this particular bio-inspired robot predominantly makes use of 3D-printing technology. Its design comprises a pair of fins operated by nine arms that are hooked up to a pair of motors. This setup allows the two fins to move at differing speeds and directions, offering similar flexibility to that of real cuttlefish. It also comes equipped with a third motor that allows the robot to bend its body in order to move up or down, while the robot's innards also include cavities that enable it to control its buoyancy.

In addition to showcasing innovative mechanical techniques, this bio-inspired robot's unique locomotion abilities could make it invaluable for machine inspection applications.