Meum by iCarbonX Monitors Health Status and Predicts Trends

 - Apr 17, 2018
References: icarbonx
Meum is a health management platform by Chinese startup iCarbonX that monitors wellness trends in individuals while coaching them towards a healthier lifestyle. This personalized guide gives users access to a range of nutrition, skincare, fitness applications and more, allowing consumers to create up-to-date digital profiles of their lives.

Users are prompted to take genetic questionnaires and tests in the FitForce application in order to gain access to fully customized workouts, forecasts and fitness data tracking. The Meum health management platform also boasts MeumSpring for skin improvement and product recommendations, as well as Precision Nutrition -- an app that provides dietary assessment, recording and consultation services.

Users of this health management platform can enjoy the full package of personalized health -- from proper recommendations that are based on actual needs to the monitoring, recording and managing of everything, including exercise, diet, sleep, emotional state and more.