New Ears Have Been Grown in 3D-Printed Molds for Kids Born with Microtia

 - Feb 1, 2018
References: sciencedirect & theverge
In the recent past, 3D printed ear prosthetics have been used as new ears for children with microtia, where you are born with one underdeveloped ear. However, five children have now received new ears that were regenerated from their own cells using a 3D printed mold. The science behind this medical marvel was recently published in an academic research paper entitled 'In Vitro Regeneration of Patient-Specific Ear-Shaped Cartillage and Its First Clinical Application for Auricular Reconstruction.'

Using your own cells to regrow body parts is not an entirely new concept, but this example is much more complex given that it involves growing children. Research and long-term follow up also demonstrates the ears are less likely to be rejected by the body and become more detailed looking over time.

The image is sourced from EBioMedicine.