MorningPages Provides Insights on One's Mental State

AI-based journal MorningPages is a simple app for daily writing and personal analytics that helps creative people maintain a daily journaling habit. There are two things that can be done with application: journal and keep track of your mental state.

The app uses IBM Watson to perform real-time analysis of the text. It provides personal insights into one's mental state through statistics based on journal entries. The stats include emotions, mood and topics written about.

Understanding one's feelings leads to improving emotional wellbeing. Of course, this can be done on one's own, without fancy AI tools, but Emotion AI helps people become more aware of their emotions. Because users will be naturally curious to see what the app is going to tell them every time they make an entry, having this feature in the app will motivate them to journal regularly.

The app is beautiful and it helps to maintain a writing habit. The idea of the app is based on the morning pages practice first mentioned in the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.