- Nov 26, 2017
Whether it is foodie photography or social dining platforms, the November 2017 mobile app trends reveal that technology continues to have a major influence on the way we eat at home, both at home and in restaurants.

One of the ways in which apps are changing the dining scene is by helping to curate recommendations to the needs and preferences of each user. For instance, Truffle is a new app that only shows users restaurants that have been positively reviewed by their friends.

Of course, technology is not just helping indecisive diners figure out where to eat, it is also serving as a valuable tool for those who suffer from severe food allergies. One such example highlighted by the November 2017 mobile app trends is the My Food Detective app, which uses a user's own smartphone camera to determine the ingredients in packaged food items.

From Tinder-Inspired Dining Apps to Food Allergy Apps: