Samsung's 'Thrive' Will Block Selected Social Sites to Promote Balance

 - Oct 26, 2017
References: thriveapp.thriveglobal & psfk
Sometimes, the connectivity that social media offers can have a negative impact on one's personal well-being, so Arianna Huffington from Samsung, invented Thrive, an app made specifically for Samsung devices that enables one to block selected social sites.

In addition to this selected site navigation, the user may also set a selected time a day at which one cannot be reached. During that time, the app will ensure the individual receives no text messages or phone calls. That means, that if family dinner is from 6-7 each night, the user can enjoy it, distraction-free. To promote a more balanced life style, Thrive will also track the amount of time spent on each social media site, providing an individual with the opportunity to understand and make changes to their online habits.