'My Food Detective' Assess the Ingredients of Packaged Foods

 - Oct 27, 2017
References: myfooddetectiveapp
After discovering that her son had food allergies, the creator of 'My Food Detective' went through what millions of other parents have experienced. Trips to the grocery store changed from quick errands to hours-long ordeals, reading labels from a hobby to a two-person job, and food in general became a task rather than a joy. This prompted her to create My Food Detective, an allergen-detection app that speeds up the process of shopping and makes people confident in what they serve to themselves and their families.

My Food Detective uses one's smartphone camera to read the barcodes on packaged foods. It has a deep inventory of products, so it has a very high likelihood of recognizing the product in question — on the off chance it doesn't, users can even automatically set that product to 'Safe' or 'Not Safe'. It recognizes allergens based on the settings users input, accepting anything from gluten to wheat to nuts to red dye.