'Colorblindness App' Codes Shades for Those Unable to See Them

 - Oct 13, 2017
References: flplny & itunes.apple
Created by designer Felipe Elioenay and Banana Groove Studios, 'Colorblindness App' is a platform that helps those suffering from the common eye condition identify shades via their smartphone camera. After creating a visual code for colors in 2010, Elioenay decided to publish this code to a mobile app that identifies color with the help of lines and simplified shapes. Rather than assigning physical shades with color names, the designer's code combines words and shapes to identify each.

By selecting the app's color picker tool. colorblind users can capture an image and identify what shade is associated with it. Furthermore, those able to see color can experience different app modes, switching from color to color-less mode in order to understand life through the eyes of someone with the vision impairment.