The change:WATER Toilet is Designed for Areas with Limited Plumbing

 - Apr 9, 2018
References: change-water & fastcompany
Designed for places with limited access to indoor plumbing, the change:WATER toilet uses innovative technology to eliminate waste without the need for water. Developed and created by change:WATER Labs, this unique toilet is meant to provide a sanitary and compact solution for more developing regions of the world. Unlike typically used composting toilets, the change:WATER toilet manages to eliminate waste in a way that reduces unpleasant odors and is both safe and easy to dispose of.

The current iteration of the toilet utilizes a traditional toilet seat that is set on top of a box with side vents. Inside the box is a collection drum that is lined with a pouch made of proprietary moisture-wicking polymer. This polymer is the key piece to the change:WATER toilet, as it has the ability to suck the moisture out of excrement, dehydrating it and releasing the moisture out as water vapor. This process allows the sewage to be discarded with ease and eliminates water from the sewage procedure.