The Xenoma E-Skin Pajamas May Revolutionize Medical Care

 - Jan 15, 2018
References: engadget & techrepublic
The Xenoma e-skin pajamas may be the biggest innovation in medical tech shown at CES 2018. Xenoma is a smart fabric manufacturer based out of Japan and is already known for its innovative line of smart clothes. The company had previously designed a wearable smart shirt that could be used to game, monitor fitness and keep track of the body, but with this new innovation the group is hoping to break into the medical field. The Xenoma e-skin pajamas are a combination of a pair of pants and a shirt with sensors on either piece of apparel used to monitor different things. Sensors running along the hips and legs are designed to track movement, while the shirt can monitor vital signs and includes a port to connect to an ECG. The clothing is battery powered -- lasting up to eight hours -- with a power source resting just above the chest.

The smart clothing may be impressive on its own, but combined with gel and liquid-less contact, this innovation becomes even more impressive; the pajamas maintain conductivity through skin contact that will ensure the sensors are functioning. Xenoma also claims the articles of clothing can be washed over 100 times before showing signs of wear and tear. Xenoma claims the hardware will be ready for use by 2020.