Mathematicians Measure Sound Signals to Predict Tsunamis

 - Feb 1, 2018
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Researchers at Cardiff University discovered sound signals could be used to form an early warning system for tsunamis. Using sound signals, mathematicians are able to measure the size of waves and their potential for destruction. They can measure the following movement variables: duration, length, location, orientation, speed, width and time of eruption. Usama Kadri and Chiang C Mei published their findings in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics in a paper entitled Sound Signals of Tsunamis From a Slender Fault.

As climate change leads to increasing numbers of natural disasters and extreme weather events, scientists and designers are looking for solutions, from satellite wildfire warning systems to floating hurricane-resistant homes. Although tsunamis cannot be stopped or prevented, this warning system could potentially be applied to other environmental catastrophes.

Photo credit goes to Yew! Images/Getty Images.