Oak Ridge National Laboratory is Working on a Heat-Free Dryer

 - Jan 22, 2018
References: energy.gov & newatlas
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a lab operated by the US Department of Energy, has been working on an ultrasonic clothes dryer that forgoes heat entirely, offering up a far more energy efficient alternative to the standard household appliance should the lab's technology makes it to market. The new dryer uses sound energy rather than heat, effectively shaking the clothes dry.

There are many different benefits to the lab's ultrasonic clothes dryer. For one, the Oak Ridge researchers estimate that a production model of their ultrasonic dryer could cut drying times for clothing in half. This speed, in conjunction with the lesser energy required to produce the ultrasonic waves, should reduce total energy by 70 percent when compared to the average dryer.

Another benefit of the tech relates to the clothes themselves. Removing heat means that the clothes are guaranteed not to shrink, and the dryers will also produce virtually no lint.