Troll's Peak Cabin Was Built to Withstand the Elements

 - Jan 31, 2018
References: & dezeen
Troll's Peak Cabin is a unique and functional space located in Norway's Sunndal region. Designed by Oslo based Rever & Drage Architects, this unique cabin uses traditional construction and overlapping materials to create a functional space set in a beautiful mountain range. Designed for an active family, the Troll's Peak cabin is built to ensure resilience against harsh conditions while still providing comfortable lodging for the family of adventurers. The cabin features several spaces arranged in sequence, with each space addressing the needs of the returning family. A transparent garage is used for storage, followed by a laundry area, a bathroom, a kitchen and finally a lounge. Each space is built to fit the function it was designed for and to withstand the weather elements it is exposed to.

Built like a traditional row farm, the structures that comprise the Troll's Peak Cabin are arranged in a line corresponding with the dominant direction of the wind. The timber boards that comprise most of the structure are coated in a dark green tar used to keep heat in. The structural bones of the cabin are built with local timber and utilize a late medieval notching technique. These construction techniques serve to provide a robust resilience to the cabin, but also provide a sense of originality and beauty.