Wabu Makes Unique Furniture with Up to Three Pieces of Wood

 - Jan 29, 2018
References: indiegogo
Wabu produces handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture to promote sustainability and uniqueness. The company's name captures the essence of the idea, as it is a clever acronym for 'Wood After Being Used.'

The design process starts with a scavenger hunt for abandoned wood. The first limited collection is being made with 2,000 doors from South East Asia. These 100-year-old finds feature quality elm wood, which is tough and durable, and Wabu will lightly treat the wood to highlight and bring out its lost character. Thereafter, it will be crafted into tables, magazine stands, chairs and benches that carry an antique authenticity. Each piece is designed with no more than three solid pieces and less than four screws, making the reclaimed wood furniture easy to assemble.