'Comedy Night' Has Players Perform a Routine in Front of an Online Audience

 - Oct 20, 2017
References: store.steampowered
As entertaining as it can be to attend a comedy show as an audience member, many people could not imagine themselves being the entertainer brave enough to face the crowd on the stage—but Comedy Night is a game that gives players a taste of what it's like to step into the spotlight.

As easy as it would have been to create a stand-up comedy simulator with a computer-generated audience, Lighthouse Games Studio decided to create a game that has people perform jokes to a live audience of real people online.

In a sense, the live comedy show experience is even more gruelling than usual, as the "brutal audience" is able to tune in via a computer, which often causes anonymous Internet users to be bolder than they would ever be in person. Comedy Night has these audience members vote for the best performers, which also introduces a unique new way to enjoy the standard stand-up experience.