'The Walking Dead: Negan Under Attack' is a VR Horror Experience

 - Oct 27, 2017
References: with.in
As uncomfortable as it sounds to immerse oneself in a world full of zombies, fans of The Walking Dead will be excited to discover that they may now do just that with an all-new VR horror experience on WITHIN.

The Walking Dead: Negan Under Attack experience gives app users access to the front lines of battle between the series' antagonist and the living undead, where they will be challenged to "Brutally fight [their] way out of a walker horde."

While there are many games and real-world events that have simulated zombie infestations from The Walking Dead, this immersive experience delivers a real taste of what it might be like to step foot into the terrifying apocalyptic world. Mercifully, the intense, VR horror experience for iPhone and Android on WITHIN is only a virtual one.