In a Heartbeat is an Endearing Short Film About a Boy Coming Out

 - Aug 3, 2017
References: independent & boredpanda
In a Heartbeat is a short animated film that was created by design students Beth David and Esteban Bravo, and it quickly became viral for its touching message.

The film features a boy who has a crush on another, and his heart comes to life to chase the object of his affections. After following his heart around and trying to prevent it from approaching his crush, it eventually ends in a tug and pull and the adorable animated heart breaks. At the end of the short film, the two boys are seen repairing the heart and sitting together, with both of their hearts whole, and realizing that there is no reason to be afraid of expressing their feelings.

In a Heartbeat's touching message is able to connect to the LGBTQ experience across North America, and many are calling for the short film to be turned into a feature.