'PatriotHole' is the Newest Website from The Onion

 - May 18, 2017
References: clickhole & wired
The Onion has built a media empire out of satirical news, and the company's newest parody site, PatriotHole, does a similar job with a more specific target. The site skewers and exaggerates the opinions of the far right in America with the simultaneously caustic and irreverent tone that made The Onion popular among internet users when it first began publishing.

PatriotHole is a repurposing of ClickHole, a former sister site of The Onion that was devoted to teasing the click-bait tactics of sights like BuzzFeed. PatriotHole is more overtly political, however, with the facetious goal of being "the only viral media site brave enough to SCREAM about REAL Americans," according to the site's welcome post.

Article headlines on PatriotHole are funny no matter one's political alignment: 'Powerful: Pringles Has Unveiled A Line Of Damp Chips That Won't Crunch Loud Enough To Ruin A Moment Of Silence For Our Fallen Soldiers' is among the standouts.