Trends is a Search Engine for Popular Internet Memes

 - Apr 7, 2017
References: & thenextweb
Even the most embedded internet cruiser is bound to have trouble keeping up with the torrential deluge of memes both generating and evolving constantly, but Trends is a new tool that can make it easier to track the latter. The website is similar to Google tools like Google Trends or Google Ngrams, but it's specifically designed to graph the usage of phrases within memes.

According to Trends' page, the tool "tracks the use of words and phrases...used on at least one day within any meme in the data set." In other words, the site contains an automatically updating log of memes being created online, and it analyzes the language within these to track the frequency or infrequency of various phrases. Trends can graph out usage for a single meme over time, but it also offers the ability to compare the usages of two memes along the same graph.