- Dec 23, 2017
Artists are known for their sensitivity, which makes them an intimidating bunch to find presents for during the holiday season, but these gifts for the artist are a safe bet for even the most fragile and delicate creative in one's life. From gifts for those who appreciate fine art to gifts for actually crafting it oneself, there's something for everyone who enjoys les beaux arts.

On the side of the connoisseur, there are plenty of fun gifts that reference some of history's great artists, like sleeping masks styled after the eyes of Dutch masters' subjects. There are also great gifts that highlight the works of contemporary, up-and-coming artists, such as the rugs in the Woven Forms collection.

For those who have the artistic urge themselves, adult coloring books have become a mainstream way to relax and turn off while still crafting a beautiful piece.

From Color-Identifying Sensors to Artistic Wall Gardens: