'Woven Forms' is a Design Collaboration Using Carpets as an Artistic Medium

 - May 23, 2017
References: r-and-company & wallpaper
'Woven Forms' is a collaborative effort between New York-based design gallery R & Company and luxury carpet brand Amini that make you question why art is used so rarely in describing home furnishings. Challenging conventional notions of design, this collaboration brings life to the art form of carpet design, that's so often swept under the rug.

The collection features beautifully vibrant rugs, some eccentric, and some subtle. The 'Haas Brothers’ designs all feature rugs cut into the shape of different exotic animals, while Katie Stout’s ‘Manic Botanic’ design "features a jungle-like tangle of fruits and plants."

The goal of Woven Forms was to encourage designers and artists to use rugs as their medium producing a new form of expression, which creates more of a tapestry or painting, than a home centerpiece.