This Interflora Commercial Ends in a Comedic Twist

 - May 12, 2017
References: adweek
This Interflora commercial offers a humorous twist on the typical Mother's Day campaigning that consumers tend to see around this time of year.

Consumers have gotten used to heart-wrenching, emotional ads in which seemingly "normal" people are seen speaking sentimentally about their loved ones, without knowing that their loved ones are watching the whole time. The flower delivery service Interflora enlisted the agency Brandhouse to create a commercial that mocks this trope. The commercial features people prompted to talk about their mothers and write up nice letters to them, and then ends with the interviewer telling them that their mother was listening in, and asks if they would like to see her. The commercial ends with one "mother" walking into the room, where her supposed "daughter" awkwardly states – that's not my mother. The producers encourage the participant to pretend and hug her anyway, and then ends with the statement: "You don't need a silly experiment to let your mother know you love her."

This ad turns a common Mother's Day campaigning trope on its head, and offers a more realistic and humorous strategy that makes the Interflora brand appear more authentic.