'Utter Nonsense' is a Family-Friendly Improv Game

 - Nov 18, 2017
References: utternonsensegame
'Utter Nonsense' is a card game for the whole family that is centered around combining silly accents, phrases and actions to create hilarious results.

Whether or not one has an ear for accents, the game inspires laughter, hilarity and good family fun. In the spirit of Utter Nonsense, the rules of play have players begin by selecting an official "Nonsense Judge," based on "the person who is deemed to have the stinkiest feet." The games involves both Phrase Cards and Accent Cards, which are used to help the judge pick the winner of each round with the best phrase and accent combination. A player must win five rounds in order to be crowned the winner of the game.

Alongside the Utter Nonsense: Family Edition, there is also the adult Utter Nonsense: Naughty Edition for players ages eighteen years and older.