'ibless.therains.downin.africa' is a New Domain That Plays Toto on Repeat

Toto's 'Africa' is a legendary piece of new age pop music, and Dylan Beattie, a London-based software developer from Kenya, has recently created a website called 'ibless.therains.downin.africa' to give the ballad all the respect its due. The new website takes users to a black, mostly blank page that plays the music video for 'Africa' on repeat, letting them bask in the soothing glory of the track.

The website is a response to the recent introduction of the .africa top-level domain. For years, Europe has had its own domain (.eu,) but Africa only received its own domain a month ago. The .africa domain should represent a boon for businesses and individuals all across the continent.

Beattie's functionally useless but undeniably hilarious ibless.therains.downin.africa site might not be the most inspiring use of the domain, but it's certainly a creative one.