Kialo Allows for Calm, Sensible, and Rational Online Debates

 - Aug 23, 2017
References: kialo & producthunt
The internet isn't typically known as the best place to go for the kinds of discussions one might hear from the members of a debate club, but Kialo is hoping to provide a platform for more reasoned online arguments. The site has created a system that helps users to enter discussion topics, submit arguments for each side, and vote on the points that are most relevant, best informed, and most persuasive.

As a platform, Kialo is better than forums or email threads when creating arguments because of its specificity. The site is organized specifically to sort arguments into their most salient points on each side, helping those engaged to see both sides evenly and letting those who enter a debate late catch up without having to wander through a maze of endless comments and subcomments.