These Emoji Logos Were Created by an Instagram User Known as @logoji_

 - Feb 3, 2017
References: instagram & designtaxi
With so many digital symbols available on iOS after Apple's update, it's fully possible for the creative behind the Instagram handle @logoji_ to make almost perfect emoji logo renditions of the symbols that big brands are so widely known for.

To create the emoji logos, @logoji_ takes the original branding and swaps out an element of it for a colorful digital character or object. In most cases, these are simply emoji versions of a simple image that's used in the design, such as the orange used for the Fanta logo, or a cartoon camel that represents the illustration used for Camel cigarettes' branding.

The emoji logo for Starbucks is a little different however, as it uses an excited girl with her arms raised above her head in celebration, rather than the traditional green and white mermaid. With this, @logoji_ creates renditions that appeal most prominently to Millennial and Generation Z consumers, who use the colorful iOS expressions on a daily basis.