Crossfaith's Website Tracks Users' Headbanging

 - Jul 26, 2017
References: & theverge
Japanese heavy metal band Crossfaith knows that the secret to a good metal show is vigorous headbanging, and it's committed to rewarding strong necks through a purpose-built website. Ahead of the band's upcoming EP, 'Freedom,' it has created a headbang-tracking website called 'Make It Metal.'

After landing at Make It Metal, users are guided through the site's challenge. It plays one of Crossfaith's songs, and users need to headbang along throughout its entirety. The site asks for access to users' webcams, and it uses an image-tracking algorithm to count how many headbangs the user throws out. If the site notices a pause in headbanging, it pauses the song as well until users get back to banging.

At the end of the challenge, users get a count of how many "headbanging moves" they made. And if fans managed to headbang through the whole track, they get rewarded with special artwork.