'The Smart Scoop' from 'YaDoggie' Ensures Your Dog Isn't Being Overfed

 - Oct 5, 2017
References: fortune & mashable
It can be hard to resist a dog's adorable face, which is why so many owners in America end up overfeeding their dogs, so, to combat this, subscription dog food service 'YaDoggie' is introducing 'The Smart Scoop' -- a connected scoop which ensures dogs are receiving healthy daily portions.

Using a connected app, this intelligent tool will alert various family members when a dog has been fed. This means that a dog isn't receiving multiple meals a day by different people. In addition to making meal time easy, this scoop can detect when an owner is in need of more dog food --placing an automatic order before the bag runs out.

The Smart Scoop from YaDoggie was designed to combat dog obesity, which is prevalent in America.