HEXA Foods' 'Bug Bites' are Made with a Base of Fruit and Cricket Powder

 - Jun 9, 2016
References: en.getbugbites & entomofarms
HEXA Foods makes its sustainable 'Bug Bites' for dogs using a mixture of cricket powder and flavorful fruit additions.

In addition to the protein-rich nutritional content that they supply, HEXA Foods notes that every bag uses less water than a bag of chicken-based dog treats. Raising crickets also produces fewer greenhouse gases and takes up significantly less space than raising chickens or cows.

The cricket base of these treats is sourced from Entomo Farms, which also makes a similar batch of dog treats of its own kind called 'Chirpies.' The use of cricket flour in baking for both humans and pets is set to become more prevalent in coming years for its protein-rich content and highly sustainable properties.