This Chocolate for Dogs is Made With Pet-Safe Ingredients

 - Aug 18, 2015
Pet food manufacturer Sweet Chops is known for creating chocolate for dogs that is both tasty and safe for man's best friend. While chocolate is traditionally not intended for your pooch, this handmade treat is made to adhere to a dog's ideal diet.

Sweet Chips' Box O'Choco-Licks packaging is transparent and subtle, featuring an illustrated sticker with the brand's signature typography. Exuding a homemade air, this snack is paw-shaped and resembles traditional chocolate bites that would be consumed by humans.

These tasty treats are made with all natural ingredients and feature fun flavors like carob, vanilla, strawberry or banana. Made exclusively for your pooch, this chocolate for dogs defies expectations and is surprisingly safe and nutritious when consumed by man's best friend.