From From Health-Scheduling Work Apps to Meditative Day Planners

 - Mar 17, 2016
These workplace wellness innovations range from office stretching apps to stationary sets that are designed to boost mindfulness. Standouts include SoulKompass, a unique set of journals, notebooks and planners that helps users stay organized while encouraging mental health and personal development.

Similar examples include Passion Planner, a Kickstarter-funded notebook that doubles as a multifunctional creative tool. The product is not only a place to jot down important notes and reminders but is also a sketchbook and personal goal guide.

Additional workplace wellness standouts include in-office yoga programs, pet-friendly office spaces and even workplace wellness and meditation spaces that let staff members unwind during a busy work day or make the most out of a lengthier lunch break. Appealing to Millennial sensibilities, these examples encourage mindfulness and mental health even for those dealing with hectic work weeks or pressure-filled deadlines.