A Milk Container Expresses a Playful Character, Inspired by the Animal Maker

 - May 16, 2015
References: noshstudio & thedieline
The moment that you set eyes on this cow bottle, you'll be able to make an accurate assumption about its contents. Yes, inside these black-spotted vessels is creamy milk, presented in a way that promotes both freshness and playfulness at once.

Nosh Studio began with the old milk bottle idea, and strove to fill it with a more enticing appearance. Opting for a bottom-heavy bulbous shape, the designer communicates the weight and wholesomeness of the dairy product.

A wonderful coincidence is that the animal byproduct is white like the fur of the provider, so the simple addition of irregular black dots give life to inanimate objects. It's this representative technique, executed with adorable detailing, that makes everyday products like milk so appealing to a broad demographic.