This Craft Roaster Aims Ti Raise Funds for Local Shelters

The 'Brewing Good Coffee Company' recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund its goal of becoming the first craft roaster to raise money for local shelters. While there are several coffee companies that offer ethically sourced beans, this craft roaster aims to go one step further.

The Brewing Good Coffee Company aims to provide excellent coffee without harming the environment or people in the process. The company intends to find ethically grown beans that are organic, bird-friendly and shade-grown. The company plans to engage in eco-friendly practices such as using compostable coffee bags and water-dissolvable labels. Beyond minimizing the impact of the coffee industry on the environment, the Brewing Good Coffee Company also aims to donate a portion of its proceeds to local shelters and other organizations that fight animal cruelty.

While the animal-saving company has yet to official launch, its socially conscious business model demonstrates how companies can spur social good.