The 'Once Upon a Farm' Baby Foods are Designed for Different Age Groups

 - Jul 29, 2016
References: uponafarm
Once Upon a Farm's line of organic baby food blends are categorized by age to meet the changing needs of growing babies. Not only are the mixtures made from organic, nutrient-rich ingredients, but the company is also committed to minimizing its carbon footprint to give parents a product that is good for their children and for the planet.

The Once Upon a Farm baby food blends consist of 10 different recipes, each of which is categorized by age group. The company uses healthy ingredients such as avocado, kale and quinoa sourced from local farmers for a sustainable food option. Once Upon a Farm then uses High Pressure Processing to preserve the flavor, texture, aroma, color and nutritional value of the ingredients. This technology allows the company to avoid adding any concentrates, preservatives or processed purees to its mixtures.

Designed for children as young as 5 months and as old as 18 months, the healthy baby food blends are a perfect option for parents looking for a brand that will grow with their child.