The CLIF Recovery Protein Drink is Fast-Acting Following Activities

 - Aug 18, 2016
References: clifbar
The 'CLIF Recovery Protein Drink' is packed with whey and casein in order to assist with the muscle recovery and rebuilding process. The company notes that the product "acts as a bridge until your post-workout meal because liquid protein provides faster absorption than solid protein sources." The chocolate-flavored drink mix is powered by potent natural ingredients like organic dried cane syrup and organic alkalized cocoa powder.

Most interestingly, multiple drinks in the CLIF Athlete Series Drink Mixes can be combined to boost the benefits of each. For instance, several drink mixes can be blended to offer both recovery and hydration.

This drink mix offers an ultra-convenient way for active and on-the-go consumers to maximize their recovery process so that they may keep themselves in the best shape to seek adventures.