From Tonic-Infused Sparkling Water to Botanical Cocktail Sodas

 - Dec 12, 2016
Bottled water has become a luxury product in and of itself, and as such, cocktail-inspired waters and tonics have emerged to capitalize on that development.

Liquor in general has been synonymous with class and luxury for decades (if not centuries,) and high-end liquor brands work hard to establish their products as discerning and tasteful. The same can be said of cocktail culture, which has developed to emphasize artistry and refinement. By coopting the styles and flavors of cocktails, water brands can create an elision in the minds of consumers, causing them to associate the waters with those same qualities.

Some cocktail-inspired waters are all about branding. For instance, 'Fever-Tree' emphasizes the 19th century history of its tonic water. Others evoke cocktails through flavor, like 'Sparkling Bitters' line of aromatic carbonated waters.