The Azure Tonic Water Natural Drink Mixers are Deliciously Infused

 - Oct 26, 2016
References: & packageinspiration
The rise in popularity of mixology and DIY cocktails has created a new demand for products like the Azure Tonic Water natural drink mixers. Designed by Pep Bernat Vizcaya, the Azure Tonic Waters feature seductively simple labels that detail the various benefits to the beverage. Each one is botanically brewed and made using natural ingredients for flavoring purposes. This would aid the product in being used for mixed drinks to craft artisanal cocktails.

The various flavors within the Azure Tonic Water natural drink selection including licorice, elderflower, quinne and saffron. As consumer taste preferences continue to evolve to favor unexpected infusions and more exotic pairings, we'll likely continue to observe beverages that push the boundaries for what's possible.

The Azure Tonic Water bottle design is kept inherently simple with a texturized label to detail ingredients, processes and more.