Thrively's Healthy Baking Mixes are Packed with Beneficial Ingredients

'Thrively' is a new food start-up business that specializes in the creation of superfood baking mixes in order to show that baked snacks and desserts don't have to be unhealthy in order to be enjoyable.

What sets the baking mixes apart from others is the use of healthy high-quality ingredients like wholegrain flours, coconut sugar and superfoods that serve as satisfying replacements for gluten, dairy and refined sugar. In addition to its range of muffin mixes powered by lucuma, maca and baobab, Thrively also produces baking mixes for cakes and cupcakes.

In order to reflect the company's attitude that "a healthy lifestyle should be effortless and enjoyable," the superfood baking mixes are packaged in simple kraft paper pouches. The exotic superfoods used in each mix are colorfully represented on each product bag with a vibrant illustration.